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Following the diagnosis of cancer, the patient focuses on treatment, neglecting the fate of their fertility or the possibilty of having children as a result of the treatment.

Today, only 5-10% of patients are undergoing evaluation of a fertility specialist before treatment.

Once the disease has been cured, however, one often realizes that accurate information about the hypothetical future of fertility and adequate psychological support was lacking. Patients complain about inadequate counseling on topics such as contraception, early menopause, infertility, fertility preservation and sexuality.

Our Association aims to protect the buds (patients) to try to minimize the damage caused by external agents.

Our goal is challenging but extremely up-to-date and marks the true fronteir for some of the diseases of today and tomorrow.

Until a few years ago, the diseases that we deal with led to death, but now, in more recent times, some people are cured and others continue to live with the help of proper treatments.

Our ambitiuos plan is to consider these patients as men and women that do not want and do not have to give up all aspects of a “normal” life, such as sexuality, pregnancy, maternity, work, etc.

It is therefore necessary to consider the entire path of their disease, from prevention to prognosis up to the course of treatment, with a holistic approach, to preserve fertility in body and mind through a synergy/strategy of multidisciplinary skills and to search together the right road to achieve this result.

For the experts there will be a documentary section with updated documents about medicine, law, and bioethics.

The ultimate goal that the association aims to achieve is to create a multidisciplinary network to spread knowledge about these topics. The aim is to assist patients and their families in optimizing treatment protocols, and to provide them with all the information that will lead to the most informed choice possible that is akin to their culture and their outlook on life; the best possible path by offering the most advanced options.


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