Our target

Patients (affected by leukemia and lymphoma, sarcoma, gynecologic cancer, choriocarcinoma, breast cancer and all kind of cancer; some autoimmune diseases such as SLE, autoimmune polyendocrinopathies, systemic scleroderma, Wegener granulomatosis, etc.)
Family and care-givers
- Experts

Over time, with the progress of science and research, diseases that were once unknown have been studied and defined in detail, but medical advances have not decreased the fear of sickness, especially if it is disabling.

Knowledge has made us aware but it certainly hasn’t made us serene.

At any age disease is traumatic, it is a problem to be solved quickly and with good results but unfortunately disabling diseases leave a lasting impression with which one must live.

The elderly, either because of their age or because of their life experience, are better suited to a new kind of life, one that is limited and confined within certain parameters.

But what about young people? It is to them that we turn first.

The real problem is for them; for those who cannot carry out their work at full capacity, and for women and men who can no longer procreate!

This latter effect of some diseases, like cancer and other chronic debilitating diseases, is perhaps the most devastating for those who, despite their recovery, think of the future as a life without purpose, meaningless.

Today, infertility can sometimes be prevented, delayed, and perhaps defeated, due to techniques that modern medicine is able to apply or is experimenting with.

This is a turning point, a point that until recently was unknown and unthinkable.

We wish to distribute information to young people of childbearing age, but also to all people, (mothers, grandparents, relatives, and friends), who care about the quality of life of their loved ones.

Infertility can be defeated!

So, let’s look toward the future with confidence and optimism, even if we belong to the group of patients already treated and already infertile, because our experience can be useful to others, it can give others something that we could not have.

It’s a path of great solidarity and confidence for the future.

We turn not only to patients and their families, but also to all the professionals involved in these issues, namely: fertility gynecologists, oncohaematology and medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, psychiatrists and psychologists, rheumatologists, pathologists, pediatricians, bioethicists, legal experts, religious persons, and paramedics, and to all those who are interested or curious about these topics.


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