About Us

Who are the dormant buds?

In the plant world a bud is a compact knoblike growth that develops into a leaf, flower, or shoot. The dormant buds are protected by structures that make them waterproof, allowing them to develop in the year following their formation.
Our buds are all the cancer patients affected by an oncologic disease or another chronic debilitating disease (e.g. chronic autoimmune disease or other diseases of unknown etiology) who are greatly fatigued by the painful and difficult medical and human path related to the management of their diseases and who are often unaware of their potential (physical, intellectual, cultural, etc). We want to give our support to these patients so that their potential does not remain unspoken, does not remain dormant!
The Association offers them an integrated support plan in order to protect their fertility, or in other words to preserve their reproductive health.

Our target

– Patients (affected by leukemia and lymphoma, sarcoma, gynecologic cancer, choriocarcinoma, breast cancer and all kind of cancer; some autoimmune diseases such as SLE, autoimmune polyendocrinopathies, systemic scleroderma, Wegener granulomatosis, etc.)
– Family and care-givers
– Experts

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What we offer

Following the diagnosis of cancer, the patient focuses on treatment, neglecting the fate of their fertility or the possibilty of having children as a result of the treatment.

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Associazione Gemme Dormienti ONLUS